Our youth ministries strive to give young people a better understanding of God and who they are in Jesus.

We also feel that it is important to instill into young people a sense of responsibility — not only to themselves, but also to the church.  Ultimately, each of them should understand and believe that they are an important part of the church body.  With that in mind, we encourage them to make willing commitments to live lives that honor God.

Having established this foundation of faith as children, we believe they will be empowered to build upon it as they grow into adulthood.

Some of our Youth ministries include Young Men In Jesus, Daughters of the King, Daughters of the Morning, Youth Ushers, Praise in Motion II, and Voices of Joy.  Many of our youth help with the Food & Hospitality ministry, church-wide clean up days, the Media ministry,  singing and playing instruments in the Music ministry, and out-reach service projects and volunteering.

* Proverbs 22:6, Ecclesiastes 12:1

  boys and leaders standing outside Maggie Walker's house  Daughter of the King young ladies volunteering Children dancing Young people serving Thanksgiving dinner at Convention Center